So you’ve played some real escape games now, and while you like the rooms, but finds that besides puzzles, you feel that the theme somehow fall short.. If you’re looking out for games that are more than just escaping, then this list  of the best thematic rooms will be the one to refer~

We’ve gathered all the rooms with great theme and immersion that Escman League enjoyed:

1. Quantum @ Mission-Q

Thematic rooms doesn’t come easy. Time-travel themed is even rarer~ We here at Escman League always wanted a time-travel themed room and while there are some operators out there who tried it, but Quantum would be the only room that has executed it flawlessly. The room brings you to be in the eyes of Sofya, a young scientist trying to go back in time to save her deceased father who was murdered 20 years ago. All the little things that is in the room has a meaning and none is a distraction, the sounds, lighting, and the unexpected use of mechanic to travel back in time and to the future is awesomely done. As we finally learn of the ending, it brings up even more questions and ponder, just like watching an open ended movie.. in which I really want to praise Mission-Q for giving us a great experience with this room

2. Mr Oswald’s Greatest Show @ Breakout

This room has a slightly rare theme of marionette and puppets. The back story starts off that as we are watching Mr Oswald’s marionette’s show, we suddenly lost conscious and  when we woke up, we find ourselves cuffed and in turn, we’re the ones on stage instead, and the lifeless puppets are the audience~! As lifeless as they are, the puppets does gives out a sense of eeriness that creeps back to you from time to time.. as we progresses, we’re forced to face with the fear of unknown and the fear of darkness… we also would learn the reason of Mr Oswald kidnap us in the first place, and we’re left to make a crucial choice which would change the ending of the story.

3. Chamber of Hocus @ Breakout

The story starts off that we’re trying to apprehend a magician in his house for the criminal that he did.. and as a magician’s house, the weird contraptions that exists to stop intruders from entering make sense… As we progress and learn of the magician’s evil scheme, we soon find out that it might be us that will be trapped.. There one gimmick here that does make the whole room seems magical (those who played would know what i mean, while those who didn’t, please do go and check it out). This is one room that will leave a long-lasting impression after you’re done with it. Find out more in our detailed review.

4. The Great Murder of Westwood @ Breakout

This room brings you in the shoe of detectives trying to solve a serial killer’s case. It is not just that the puzzles fits nicely to the theme, the whole flow, the uncovering of whose the murderer and why he is killing would send a chill to your spine when you finally learn the truth. Of all the thematic rooms we listed, this room sets itself apart not because it has wow factor when you solve puzzles, but it’s the immersion you get when you had to get into the minds of a serial killer in order solve the puzzles. The ambiance and the environment is authentically done as well. Read all about it in our detailed review.

5. Lost @ Code Factory

(Don’t let the innocent looking poster trick you!) This room gave us the biggest surprise of all the thematic rooms we’ve played~ It started off that we’re lost in the woods and we stumbled upon an abandoned cabin, and we’re trying to ask for help.. The wooden structure, the pond and the serene music does makes it feel as we’re in front of the cabin, and as we went down to the basement, what beholds us is a gruesome slaughter shed which is perfectly presented with blood-coloured paint splattered all over and the body parts scattered in the room. Code Factory did a very good job in making you feel how it would be like to be in a mad murderer’s house (in movies). And when come to its end, the last jump-scare would surely be embedded in your mind for a long long time.

Disclaimer: The list will be updated as we play more rooms. Please do check out from time to time.

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