Review: Hyperion, Roomraider @ Singapore

Hyperion Roomraider Singapore

Players: 2. (1 novice)
Theme: Space
Mission: Evacuate Energon and detonate Hyperion to prevent enemy capture.

Sometime in the mid of 2014, I traveled 70 years into the future and became one of the elite in a two-person space ranger force. My partner was a one-armed novice. She broke her wrist during transport training on wheeled shoes. So we were reassigned from bomb stopping mission with the SWAT team to a space mission.

The moment we stepped into the room, we heard the A.I. counting down a real time 45-minutes to self-destruction warning. We need to get to the escape pod before the station blows up. We were stuck in a corridor, which is filled with smokes. We got to the escape pod but how do we launch it? We actually need to radio a NPC (non-player character – a real person) to activate the pod. These are the cool stuff with Hyperion.

The clever use of audio element, smoke machine, video projector and NPC creates the space fantasy and immersion to the theme. However, the cool factor stops here.

Scrap all of those, and it is just a room with bare minimum set up and props. Clues and puzzles are locked in 20th century toolboxes. That’s a major ‘’potong steam”.

The puzzles are relatively simple and easy. No need to wreck brain to solve. It’s a room for beginner. However, ability to spot tiniest hidden stuff will be an advantage.

To fully enjoy this room and be immersed into the theme deeply, your own visual imagination and hallucination will strongly be needed.

Although the set up is the major disappointment, I would love check out Roomraider’s other rooms, as their themes are vastly different, from sci-fi and action to cute. Find Cuddle the teddy bear in the world of teddy bears. I only hope that the room is filled up to our neck with teddy bears and not bare minimum like Hyperion.

Roomraider claimed to be #1 real life 5D escape room game. I must say, they still have a lot to improve on if they are to walk the talk.

Last but not least, for 22SGD, it is very the expensive to play for a Malaysian. Currency conversion sucks.

Theme: 4/5
Puzzle difficulty: 1/5
Props/set: 1/5
Production quality: 3/5
Search amount: 0/5
Physical activity: 0/5

Side note: There’s a number of escape room blooming in Singapore, and at this moment of writing, some has evolved beyond escaping based on how they described their rooms on their website. Hopefully, it is as exciting as they claimed to be on their website.

Feature image from Roomraider’s website, visit to find out more about their games.

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