Seven Lockdown Suria Sabah Melaka

Seven was the first game we played with Lockdown Suria Sabah. Just to reiterate, this Lockdown is not affiliated with Lockdown KL or Lockdown in Singapore! It is one of the easier games then. We went in three, with 2 amateur escape gamers plus myself. We had sang high praises for another game we¬†played, The Undying Temple, which is a more difficult room. Seven also didn’t disappoint at all, which will be a great game recommended especially to beginners.

In Seven, we are to deactivate a series of viral bombs planted across the globe. When I say a series, it means we have to complete a series of tasks to identify the key code to feed into the computer system . This is the first time I had in which the game play uses the computer through out the whole game. Feeding in the correct pass code will will deactivate a number of bombs shown on the screen, and unlock the next set of clues. The room is littered with all kinds of props and clues on the walls. The hint you get from the computer will direct you to the right set of props to work out the pass code. As this is an easier game, the puzzles didn’t require many leaps of logic. Just do as you are told, then you’re good to go. And there will be some time-travelling, but I won’t divulge more here.

Similar to The Undying Temple, there is liberal use of videos in Seven. This time to explain the motivation behind the criminal’s mind. We also do get the choice of actions that will alter the ending. The choice in action represents a moral dilemma, something rarely encountered in an escape game but worth pondering on the motivation of the decision and the consequences.

In the end, we all agree that Seven will be a fun and satisfying game for both beginners and veterans alike. Hopefully we get to visit their outlet in Melaka to try out the other rooms in the near future!


Featured image taken from Lockdown’s website.

Seven, Lockdown @ Suria Sabah





  • Use of computer
  • Easy puzzles
  • Compelling story
  • Alternative endings


  • Locks lacking in quality
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