First off, we love this room. (Read how much we love Indiana Jones, Break The Code). The sheer fun of being Indiana Jones running around and solving puzzles, getting squashed by the collapsing wall and playing with the contraption is so much fun. And it’s one of the very very few room that I vouch I could play another round.

It is without frustrations though, so here’s our indiana jones tips on getting past certain puzzles:
(Note 1: I just simply name the puzzles for easier reference XD)
(Note 2: It’s SPOILER FREE~)

Indiana Jones Tips on Temple Ball Run

Normal Play-through

  • Always make sure everybody is in position and ready before putting the ball in
  • Use your legs to fixed the position of some strings
  • First Part:
    • First runway: Adjust the runway so that the ball does not move too quickly that you couldn’t see it or too slow that it can’t move between runways.
    • Second runway: Use you legs to fixed the position this runway, the ball should flow through, use this runway to remember your first runway’s position
  • Middle Part:
    • Fixed the position of the runways as much as possible, positioning the ends to each runway so that the ball runs nicely between each
    • Adjusting runway’s left side higher to make the ball runs slower
    • Adjusting runway’s right side higher to make the ball runs faster
  • Last Part:
    • Position the runway to be flat
    • Practice pulling up to the position just above the exit
    • Listen to the ball run through the runways, and when it’s your turn… Pull~
  • Don’t give up~ (Escman League did it with only 3 person.. so you could do it too~)

Difficult Play-through

  • Can be done with only 1 person

Indiana Jones Tips on Spongebob Square-Wall

Normal Play-through

  • The sensors are located near the entrance all the way to the middle
  • End of the trail does not contain any sensors, hence stand still and you could stay for a long time
  • Before crossing, wave your hand to activate the wall, run through it when it starts opening
  • The sensors MIGHT NOT activate if you jump over the first half of the trail

Creative Play-through

  • Crawl and let your friends laugh when they could only see your feet
  • Jump while the wall is closing in and you could be floating up in the air 😀
  • Activate the wall while everybody’s arm is halfway in, and then bet who could pull out
  • Take off your shoes and throw it in to activate the wall, only to pick it up after the game ends

Indiana Jones Tips on God of Arcade Hands

  • At least 4 person is needed, one person to man one side
  • Keep count on each successful try (Total of 6 is needed!)
  • There are longer and shorter sides, hence longer hands at longer sides, and vice versa
  • If keeps failing, try switch sides with one another

When all is done, do a victory dance and run home with the trophy~!


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