Being another installment from Breakout’s new outlet in Avenue K, Terraform continues along the lines of post-apocalyptic themes much favoured by the game creators this time. The plot of having you waking up post-3-months hyper sleep, complete with the orange astro-suits reminded a little of interstellar. The first room even shows the different personalities (captain, engineer, biomedical scientist… or something like that) occupying the space mission… The key is to look for the right formula, to bring oxygen to mars, to make the planet the next destination for humanity. And hence, your terraform mission.

I like how the game is set up into different chambers in the space station, each has its purpose in the game. Do find that this is also a common setup in other games, such as The War for Rembrandt and Dreadnought. As many of these games happen in a ship, or in some transport vessel, the action is appropriately split into various compartments. Think: control rooms, navigations rooms etcetc.

Importantly, all puzzles are thematic as usual. Remember the goal is to identify that crucial formula. So, you get to do some tests as part of the puzzles. Although the difficulty level is at Breakout’s highest, we are stumped only by one of the tests. The rest of the puzzles are still quite manageable. There is the dreaded one-person physical obstacles which we have complained again and again. This time the key was stuck in a cleft in the contraption, so we had a hard time making progress at that point. And as usual, with 6 players in game, only 2 were actively engaging in the task leading to some down time for the rest. Hopefully game creators in Breakout will be more conscious of this problem in future designs.

Aesthetic is top notch as usual. I love the details, minute and big, big like the escape vessel in the end. Yes, you may escape in style, or you may not. This game brings you to 2 possible endgames, depending on who’s in charge or if you have come into mutually agreed decisions.

Despite our usual complain of stuck wooden contraptions, we came out feeling triumphant, and satisfied with the experience nevertheless. Terraform is another solid, fun escape with Breakout.


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  • Thematic puzzles
  • Great plot
  • Faultless aesthetics


  • Physical task
  • Physical task
  • Physical task
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