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Welcome to our website where we we bring you our reviews and experiences of the real escape games/rooms in Malaysia or overseas we attempted. Real escape game is a recent phenomenon sweeping all over Malaysia, with new outlets and rooms mushrooming all corners of the country. Originating from Japan, inspired by the classic point-and-click flash games (the crimson room, remember?), gamers are physically locked in a room, with the only way to exit and win the game is to solve all the puzzles using the brawn and brains you have within a definite period of time.

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Check out the following video by freemagazineSCRAP, the original creators of real escape games from Japan, for a taste of what’s in a real escape game event.

Reviews are all based on personal views and preferences. Images used in this site are taken from and credited to the respective escape room websites. Images were used here solely to illustrate the rooms in review.