Who we are

This site is the brainchild of 4 friends from Malaysia who discovered the joy in real escape games. After doing this since 2013, and with some collective experience of over 70 real escape games in Malaysia and overseas, we think it would be nice to share some of our reviews of the escape rooms/game we have attempted. By sharing, we hope to attract and get to know more like-minded people who feels the same rush of adrenaline beating the clock and bull-dozing away mind-twisting puzzles. Our focus will be mainly on escape games in Malaysia, but we also review games we played in other countries. Also, to all escape room designers reading this, we would like to air our thoughts as honest feedback to the gameplay and room design, without any ill-intentions. Although we are probably not the best, brightest, fastest escape gamers, we have gone through quite a number of rooms to know what kind of escape game designs and setups appeal.

So, who are we actually?escape game

Ok, we don’t look anywhere close to the Hangover gang… But each of us have different personalities and preferred roles in an escape game. We always joked that we were like some X-men team each having different skills and looking for more superhuman of different abilities to join us. Hence, the name Escman League came about.  What you will get from this site are reviews/reports of escape games written by the few of us with different views of the same games and enjoy slightly different things. Our core Escman consist of…

Cheech @ Bacon Columbus …who ransacks everything

Our primary search/retrieve power, who has keen eyes for visual puzzles but ADHD-prone.
He always believes that there must be a hidden clue yet to be found whenever there’s an unsolvable puzzle.
Hates irrelevant distraction in escape rooms.
Special Skills: Raid and search, 3D eyes
Has a favorite pet named Charsiu.

Jing @ Rosie Ring …who does nothing

Our lady boss who does nothing much really, but pondering at puzzles and pointing fingers at people.
Instead of buying cincin, she jimat all her money to play escape games now.
Hates maths, keeps time, loves story progression.
Special Skills: Admiring the artwork and puzzle setup in escape rooms

Joshua @ Scooby D. Holmes   …who confuses everyone

Our solver who does nearly everything but is easily spooked by even the slightest scare.
Always get pushed to play horror themed escape games.
All logic puzzles (sudoku, minesweeper) goes to him, maths too, loves thematic rooms.
Special Skills: Multitasking and confuses team with 3 layer deductions

Ming @ Dory Croft   …who forgets everything

Our MacGyver’s apprentice. She’s the first to climb, jump and breaks into all traps and tunnels even when danger looms. However, she has problems remembering just like Dory the fish.
Special Skills: Diffuse traps, break-ins, raid and search

With our passion and love of real escape games, together with the experience of succeeding and failing more than 70+ rooms all around Malaysia and a few other countries, we are proud to say we will be able to assist with the following:

  • Play testing on new or existing rooms – we provide extensive comments and suggestions (usually)
  • Brain storming for new ideas in game design, themes, plots, mechanics
  • Exploring and evaluating new/current operational aspects of the escape game business
  • Facilitating the sharing of ideas and resources between game designers
  • Snapshot of the public awareness and acceptance of real escape games in Malaysia
  • The current outlook of the real escape game industry in Malaysia
  • Tracking of upcoming trends of real escape games in the local and global arena

Whether you are already a real escape game operator, or embarking in the process of building your game/business, or just want to know more about escape games, do drop us a message to hq <at> escmanleague.com. We love to talk!

You can also drop by at our Facebook page or community, Escape Gamers Malaysia, where there will be updates of this site as well as any latest news on the escape room/game scene in Malaysia.

Image by Cheech.