Are you new to escape game? Do you keep wondering what is it all about?
Are you annoyed by the friends who went and keep blabbering how smart they are or how hard it was and wanna prove you’re better than them?
Want to try out but didn’t know where to go?

Then you came to the right place, here’re some highly recommended rooms by Escman League for first timers:

breakout avenue k escape game

1. Chamber of Hocus @ Breakout

As the name of the room implies, this room is all about magic. The very essence of it is the sense of wonder and astonishment when you play along. There are so many mechanics that do not appear to be useful initially, but it makes sense when the game progresses. And there’s also lots of deception, hence, it might be frustrating at first but it will all build up to the sweet taste of freedom when you successfully escape. This is one room that will leave a long-lasting impression after you’re done with it. Find out more in our detailed review.


2. Project Fallout @ Breakout

The elements & mechanics of this room is breathtaking~ From the initial sequence where you’re all separated and handcuffed individually (which is still uncommon where you could only trust your teammates to un-cuff him/herself), hidden room, to creative puzzles and mechanics that needs teamwork to solve, this room will awe first timers to no ends. This is also one room that have 2 endings. Hence when you had to decide the ending and escape, you would be pondering what would be the consequence if you decide differently..


3. The Mysterious Room @ Escape Room

This is one room that wow-ed us the most when we first started playing. This is the first time we had to show off our gymnast-ism while going through lasers~! And I still remember us screaming in excitement when we got a phone that we could call out~! When we thought we’ve solved everything, then only we found there’s a hidden room, an ultra impressive monitor gimmick, and had to solve classic dial combination box~ (I’m vomiting rainbow just talking about it~!)


4. Prison Break @ Escape Room

You’re being hand-cuffed together as a group and blindfolded before entering the room. I still remember the conversation with my childhood friend: “Never have I thought that this day would come, that we would go down together like this” XD  The atmosphere that was presented does makes you feels at prison (in a movie). The combination of both mental and physical puzzles that you have to go through does makes you feel like escaping a prison. When you do get out, enjoy the sweet freedom you just earned, and a pat to the back of your teammate because you went to prison together. See here for our detailed review!
escape room setiawalk up

5. Up! Bon Voyage @ Escape Room

Most family-friendly room we came across so far. Easy, sequential puzzles. Bright room. Colourful, fun props to play with. Lots of balloons! A great room if you are just looking for some  simple, stress-free fun. Check out our detailed review here.

Disclaimer: The list will be updated as we play more rooms. Please do check out from time to time.