Fan Fiction: Hotel review for Room 13

Room 13 Standard

Scooby D. Holmes – Travelling in groups


It’s was a long weekend. We’re hungry for food and itchy to play another escape room. We decided to have a day trip to e@Curve (we all stay in klang valley). We gathered in the morning at my house and we head out in Croft’s car. While on the way, as we’re intensely figuring out how we messed up the location of the Char Siu kidnapping the other day, we somehow ended up to a place where Waze can’t help us out. It’s a place where there’s one long stretch of road as far as eyes can see with tall grasses on the side.

As we questioned Croft how we ended up where we were, “I knew the way.. but..erm.. i forgot how to go~” And right at this moment, the car broke down, and we’re officially stranded right at the middle of no where. We asked Croft, “What do we do now then?”

(You see.. she have a knack of being able to identify the correct way to go, it comes in handy, but there’s a drawback..)

As she concentrates real hard… “Wait.. I think it’s this way.. ” said Croft, our explorer… “If we follow this way… we’ll be.. we’ll be..” continued with 20 seconds of silence.. “I forgot how I came here in this first place~!” said Dory Croft, our explorer who have short term memory issues..

We decided to just walk in hoping to find someone, and not before long, we found an old 2 story building, and it seems like a hotel. As we walk towards the hotel, we could already hear wailing voices of woman crying for help…. but by the laws of any horror movie, we still decided to go into this eerie looking place to seek for help, and I had to be dragged in as I can’t do any ghost-related stuffs..

“Dejavu.. I’ve seen this place before” said Dory Croft. “but i can’t seem to recall the rest..”

The lobby is empty. There’s only a sign saying the reception is on the 2nd floor. As we entered the elevator (albeit a very modern elevator for a stranded place), we noticed that the elevator have floors from 1 – 9 and 0 instead, and as all of us entered, the door closes, the buttons doesn’t respond and we’re trapped~!

“Dejavu.. I’ve seen this place before” said Dory. “Dejavu.. I even remember saying those words…”. By now, we’re already ignoring her repeating dejavu’s. (She also have a knack of forgetting whatever she said.. the longest repeating dejavu was 2 hours)

We pressed the emergency button, but instead of help, we get a bunch of papers.. We eventually figured out that we need to enter some codes using the elevator buttons but as the nerd in the group, I complaint about why would anyone designed an elevator with that mechanic, it’s just not user-friendly~ I’m now determined to find the owner, and make a official complaint about it.

The elevator brought us to a hallway with pictures on the side and a door to Room 13. We were surprised that we’re not at the reception area but at the hotel rooms’ floor. We then tried everything: the elevator doesn’t work anymore, no one answers from Room 13, and we also found a phone but there was no tone.

Alas, we found a box of switches. Maybe it’s switches to get the elevator working again.. As we’re playing around with the switches.. suddenly, the lights goes off and “nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyan” The phone rang across the hallway. I screamed and hid myself behind Dory (Who would have thought that an old place like this have a phone that could put a nyan cat theme song as ring tone.)

Dory picked up the phone and it’s the same woman’s wailing voice again. Apparently she the receptionist. She says we need to solve a few more puzzles to reach her and as she hung up.. “BAM~!” A secret panel with buttons appear from one of the pictures. “What? This hotel expects customers to figure out how to go to reception?” I continued to be obsessed on all this non user-friendly mechanics while being utterly scared to open my eyes.. T.T

I did manage to figure out the combination by looking at the other pictures, but as we thought we could get the elevator working again.. we only got a key indicating it’s for Room 13. We entered the room and found that it’s small, just large enough for one person, but the worst part is it’s without toilet~! The decoration is mostly plain but there’s one particular thing that caught Dory’s eye: There’s a baby doll stuck onto the wall as decoration and it sometimes have voices coming out of it.. I practically couldn’t move an inch at this moment.. (Why do i have to endure this~)

As we’re still stuck, we switched the TV on but there’s only one channel working, and it’s looping a horror movie video. I can’t bear to watch so the rest of the team watched it instead.. We eventually figured that it was supposed to be clue to a locked box underneath the TV. And in that box, we have a key saying it’s for reception. With that, we finally reach the reception. Luckily she’s just sick, which explains the creepy voice, and also a bit pretty to boot. I finally able to lash out my frustration on the feedback form. The others asked and we managed to call for a tow car and taxi to drop us at our destination.

In summary, although the hotel does gave us help, don’t stay here~! there’s no wifi, no coverage, no toilet, the elevator & phone is broken, disturbing decoration, very bad sound proofing, no food, very bad location, and the list goes on.


Value for Money: 2/10
Location: 1/10
Staff Performance: 2/10
Hotel Condition/Cleanliness: 3/10
Room Comfort/Standard: 2/10
Food/Dining : 0/5

Our solver who does nearly everything but is easily spooked by even the slightest scare. Always get pushed to play horror themed escape games. All logic puzzles (sudoku, minesweeper) goes to him, maths too, loves thematic rooms. Special Skills: Multitasking and confuses team with 3 layer deductions