Let’s see what we have in store in the magnificent month of May.

Happenings & Contest

Kuala Lumpur


This is cool~ although we missed it šŸ™
Breakout is giving outĀ Uncharted 4 (PS4) and a free session of Breakout for the fastest group that could escape The Testament of Tesla during 7-8 May.

Challenge like these actually might promote replayability from veterans like us, it might be unfair, but we don’t actually remember most of the answers anyway.

I hope to join the next challenge.. if Breakout have monthly challenges like these, that’ll beĀ great
More details:Ā https://www.facebook.com/breakoutmy/posts/624591334366643

And who doesn’t like to go free movies~ Breakout is giving out free ticket to watch X-Men Apocalyse, all you need to do is comment with the right answers and tag 3 friends. Ends 18-May
More details:Ā https://www.facebook.com/breakoutmy/posts/6280948440162923


When are they opening~!!?? We are so excited
It’s said to have 8 characters, 7 has been revealed, Escman League will do another analysis when all is revealed

  • AUGUR – extra time to work on a puzzle
  • RETRIEVAL SPECIALIST – save time on searching for certain items
  • CHRONOLOGIST – time keeper
  • PHOTONIST – light bringer
  • SCIENCE OFFICER – extra hint guy
  • STAR PIRATE – gains an additional reward (- there’s rewards? interesting..)
  • PATHFINDER – have some info about the game

Number of rooms is not revealed yet, so stay tune, here’s the one revealed so far:

  • SILVER SCREEN SPECTRE – cinemaĀ theme
  • THE PLIGHT OF AN ASSASSIN – 1940 war theme
  • GALACTIC EXPEDITION – outer space theme~
  • ABANDONED THEME APRK – abandoned theme park theme~
  • ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE – (ooohhh) zombie

Escape Room

Did you know that Escape Room have weekly brain twisters and would give one lucky winner with the prize of FREE ENTRY to their games?

Please like their facebook to join~

More details:Ā https://www.facebook.com/escaperoom.com.my/


Lockdown KL

Lockdown has finally announced it’s 2 Special Themes,Ā which will be available for 2 months only (May-June) named Secret Dungeon and Potted Prisoner.

Both rooms are about Harry Potter and there’s a special contest for these 2 rooms as well. EndsĀ 24-May
More details:Ā https://www.facebook.com/lockdown.my/posts/1787979154766645

Break The Code+

New Room~!: There’s something new from Break The Code+ titled 007. I wonder what it is about? (hah..kidding) It’s going to be available from 14-May in Gurney Plaza, and 21-May in One Utama.
More details: https://www.facebook.com/breakthecode.my/posts/1086557238071252

Code Factory

Apparently from sources, we get to know that they are currently closed for room upgrading and will be opened in a new location in KL in July.


nothing new \ (- o – ) /

Ā Johor


New Room: Another haunted theme from LOSTĀ in JB titled Annabelle in which Scooby Holmes will never step in to play.. (unless forced by everyone here in Escman League)~

Opens since 13-May. Please visit them~!

More details:Ā https://www.facebook.com/1403834839887527/posts/1747138452223829

East Malaysia

nothing new \ (- o – ) /


All of AprilĀ deals for escape games in Malaysia are here~! Do check them out

Kuala Lumpur

Break The Code+

Break The Code+ is having an escape deal on 11srreet atĀ Ā RM 106 for 4 pax.Ā It’s a pretty good deal at RM 26.50 per pax. So please grab this deal if you’re going to visit them.
More details: https://www.facebook.com/breakthecode.my/posts/1080716148655361


There’s no expire date for this contest from Breakout, so I assume it’s still valid: Escape from 1 Easy room and 1 Difficult room will entitle a Free Game. Good for those that have yet to finish off their rooms
Visit this link for more details:Ā https://www.facebook.com/breakoutmy/posts/593012284191215


Escape Room

Have you ever thought of celebrating parent’s day in an unique way? How about them to escape games? It’ll be a fun experience~ (I hope).

Escape Room Bintulu is having a promotion where you pay RM 100 for 4 pax and you will also have a chance in a lucky draw

More details:Ā https://www.facebook.com/escaperoom.com.my/posts/1148763448521151

Ladies take note~! It’s ladies day every Monday when you visit Escape Room. They offer RM 30 for ladies every Monday.
Visit this link for more details: https://www.facebook.com/escaperoom.com.my/posts/1100826729981490

This is interesting: Bring a pack of M&M to enjoy RM30 per pax for E-Curve’s M&M’s room
Visit this link for more details: https://www.facebook.com/escaperoom.com.my/posts/1084751261589037

Calling out to UCSI Students~! Escape Room is giving out RM 30 per pax for the whole year
Visit this link for more details: https://www.facebook.com/escaperoom.com.my/posts/1087787511285412


Escape Plan

Buy 3 Free 1 deal~ Whoever thats playing in Penang wouldn’t want to miss this. Promotion from 21-Apr to 17-May
More details:Ā https://www.facebook.com/EscapePlanMsia/posts/888123854632054


waiting for new deals~ šŸ˜€

East Malaysia

waiting for new deals~ šŸ˜€

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