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Welcome to our website where we we bring you our reviews and experiences of the escape rooms/games in Malaysia or overseas we attempted. Escape game is a recent phenomenon sweeping all over Malaysia, with new outlets and rooms mushrooming all corners of the country. Originating from Japan, inspired by the classic point-and-click flash games (the crimson room, remember?), gamers are physically locked in a room, with the only way to exit and win the game is to solve all the puzzles using the brawn and brains you have within a definite period of time.

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Our first review will be served up soon. Enjoy!


Our lady boss who does nothing much really, but pondering at puzzles and ordering people around. Apparently her stars say she can't work, or she'll die. Instead of buying cincin, she jimat all her money to play escape games now. Hates maths, keeps time, loves games with engaging plot and narratives. Special Skills: Admiring the artwork, furnishing, puzzle setup and decor in game

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