Hurray~ We’re one year old!

Escman League Escape Game Room Malaysia

Yes, Escman League is one year old today!

We’ve started this blog and team officially on this day, a year ago. And since then we have been trying our best to play as many games as we can, and write as many posts as our time permits. We have written 35 game reviews so far, and taken the chance to publish a series of interviews with some of our favourite game creators from Breakout. We’ve done pretty well ain’t it?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the escape game operators whom are always nice and friendly to us, sharing your experience and insight with us generously. Of course, we do appreciate the efforts in designing and making some really fun games that kept us going. And hopefully you don’t mind our constant shameless self-promotion (what to do, we got no budget for more tasteful marketing la).

Also, to all of our friends whom have joined us in a game or two, also a great thanks to you all for being great company. Hopefully the sessions had been as fun and memorable to you as it is to us.

I know we’ve been a little slow lately. We hope to pick up speed a little soon, as there are still some new games we are very eager to play. However, we’re sad to find out number of escape game operators going out of business in the past few months. Hopefully, there will be greater ideas and more novel or unique concepts of escape games that can keep the existing players engaged, lure in new players, and prevent the industry from contracting further.

In the meantime, do browse our updated list of escape game operators that we had experience with.  Our review on one of Breakout’s latest game will be up next week.

So, watch out for it, and play more, more escape games~!



Our lady boss who does nothing much really, but pondering at puzzles and ordering people around. Apparently her stars say she can't work, or she'll die. Instead of buying cincin, she jimat all her money to play escape games now. Hates maths, keeps time, loves games with engaging plot and narratives. Special Skills: Admiring the artwork, furnishing, puzzle setup and decor in game