Escman league

You have probably noticed from our bios that each member of Escman League carries certain roles in our games. We have Cheech, the search and raid party, who basically bulldoze everything in his path for clues. We have Ming, the Macguyver’s apprentice, who jumps into all traps first and rely on for fishing for keys. We have Joshua, who basically does all the maths and sudoku. Myself, the time keeper and also the clue inventory. I also solve puzzles, but only limited my contribution to strategizing, while someone else have to do the dirty work (maths).

Have you wondered what kind of role do you have in an escape game? Who are your teammates in escape game? I recalled last time the Singaporeans made a video on the type of escape game players. We also came up with the following A-Z (nearly) list of possible roles and personalities in alphabetical order:

Alice in lalaland: She does whatever she enjoys doing in the game, regardless of the progress of the game, what needs to be done, if you have already solved that puzzle… Needs to be left alone.

Boss aka commander: Direct people around, delegate tasks.

Charmed: Solve all puzzles, by luck.

Clues inventory: Keep check of all the clues/objects you found.

Cyclops: Throw him all visual/spatial/geometric puzzles.

Detailist: Bores you with unnecessary details, like who is that guy in the portrait whom was born in 1668 and died in 1712. Like it has anything to do with the game.

Detective: Looks everywhere for fine clues and details. Piece details together.

Exorcist: First to go into all dark rooms/corners. Lest there’ll be ghosts…

Fisherman: Fish for keys in unlikely places.

Godzilla: Tears everything apart.

Hollywood: Approach all rooms with drama and action. Crash boom bang.

Jack the Ripper:  Body parts enthusiast.

Klutz: Always scrape/bruise himself and knock over stuff…

Locksmith: Opens/picks all locks.

Macguyver: Jump into traps. Construct things.

Mathematician: Throw him all the logic and maths puzzles.

Nervous wreck: Super panicky about everything.

Oracle: The psychic you’ll find in Breakout’s games.

Potty mouth: Curses through out the game.

Pretty girls: Bring in to see them scream during jump scares

Reader: Reads every written stuff in the game, related to the game or not.

Scooby Doo: Scaredy cat.

Sifu: Who played so much and kinda knows everything, but may be wrong.

Slow-mo: Does everything slowly. No rush. Plenty of time.

Sunzi: Spend first half hour strategizing.

Thinker: Think about (or stare at) puzzles, not necessarily solving them in time.

Time keeper: Reminds you time.

Tom Cruise: Navigates all laser traps.

Torch bearer: Carry all torch/black lights around.

Wailer: Go around wailing “WHYYYY, I DONT UNDERSTAAAaAAND” when you have been stuck for too long.

Xtra: Your team can do without him.

Young ones: Small kids. Or childish person who go crazy happy at the sight of capsule toy machine.

Zoned out: What just happened??


Do you have any interesting roles to add to this list? Let us know! Time to check with your teammates in escape games.


Our lady boss who does nothing much really, but pondering at puzzles and ordering people around. Apparently her stars say she can't work, or she'll die. Instead of buying cincin, she jimat all her money to play escape games now. Hates maths, keeps time, loves games with engaging plot and narratives. Special Skills: Admiring the artwork, furnishing, puzzle setup and decor in game