Review: Avatar, Break The Code + @ One U


Ok, I admit I DID NOT watch Avatar before jumping into this game (I’m not a fan of fantasy and CGI). Still, Break The Code +’s take of anĀ Avatar-inspired game turn out quite alright.

I would say that this is one of the simpler escape games in KL, with simple, not too complex puzzles. At least myself and another first-timer in our team enjoyed the puzzles. The tech here will amaze you if you haven’t sampled much of the other offerings. One shortfall will be the shabby decor, to be specific, the wallpaper or prints lining the walls and objects. It doesn’t matter very much if the wallpaper or prints are purely for decor purposes. It matters a lot if the print is part of the clue or the mechanics and the print quality is so low to the point of affecting interpretation of the clues.

Another downfall will be the lack of narratives. To be honest, I don’t quite remember any plot in the game. It’s probably just inspired by Avatar and you get to live for 50 minutes in the Avatar world. Well, less than 50 you have seasoned players in your team since the puzzles are really easy.

In short, a decent game with enjoyable puzzles and decent tech for new players.

If you played a few rooms and looking for a challenge? Look elsewhere, try Indiana Jones or Sherlock Holmes instead.

Featured image from BreakTheCode+.

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