Review: Back to the Future – Lost in Time, Traphauz @ Sunway Mentari

Back to the Future - Lost in Time

No longer in operation.

We had a run at Traphauz located at Sunway Mentari a few months ago. It’s another shop lot escape room operator and this would be the first review from Escman League about them. We made a run for the room Back to the Future – Lost in Time.

The story sets off that we were testing a time machine made by a friend (Stewie Griffin) but something went wrong and we ended up in the wild west era. We then had to find the fuel needed (I wonder what the time machine runs on) and reach back to present time or else we would be lost in time forever.

Heads up to anyone who has not been to any Traphauz room, it’s full of math.. so much math that it only leaves me as the counting guy, while the others are busy asking in a loud voice to a higher power on the reason of the creation of such language (OH god~ Why math?)

In overall, the puzzles are challenging and well-clued, lots of logic puzzles and a final pixel hunting (I hate pixel hunting~!), but no physical puzzle. However, I don’t feel the puzzles in the room flows very well as the puzzles has no significant link to one another nor actually any link to the storyline. It’s as if you could slab any other puzzle in there and it would work fine. I would also like to voice out there’s just too much Sudoku being used in escape rooms nowadays (one in this room as well), which I can’t relate how Wild west are playing Sudoku on bar tables 😀

The atmosphere and the storyline are also just so-so. Although there’s something to read making it slightly immersive, but the flavor text didn’t made the storyline any more exciting. The props are mechanics are solid but nothing much to brag about.

There’s not a lot of distraction, which is good and we could focus on what’s important. However, when we played, there’s some un-erased solution from the players before us, which spoils the experience as well.

I would give this room a 3 travels back to the future out of 5. Go play if you want to hurt your brain a bit.

A note on the service while we were there: Traphauz only have one staff working, which is in our opinion, utterly understaffed. Another is the booking slot which is only one hour apart for each, which is in our opinion, too short.

We could disregard the fact that we had to wait for the staff to get another team ready to play Kidnapped that needs to be bonded and blindfolded, but once we get to play our room and when the time ran out, we were rushed out because she had to get ready for the next team to play that room, and when we also asked for some clarifications on the puzzles, we were brushed off without explanation until we insisted. We could understand that, but as we voiced out to say that they should’ve buffer more time for the rooms, she stated that we should be on time and that the one hour apart is more than enough.

In overall, Traphauz rooms are good for brain-teasers as the puzzles needs more focus and thinking, but the service and the flow of the puzzle made the whole experience lesser than satisfied. We would go again and finish up, just won’t put a lot of expectations.

It’s the little things that count.

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Our solver who does nearly everything but is easily spooked by even the slightest scare. Always get pushed to play horror themed escape games. All logic puzzles (sudoku, minesweeper) goes to him, maths too, loves thematic rooms. Special Skills: Multitasking and confuses team with 3 layer deductions