Review: Up – Bon Voyage, Escape Room @ Setiawalk

escape room setiawalk up

Setiawalk outlet no longer in operation.

Weiming and I had a lazy sunday and hence, to drive up some adrenaline we headed to Escape Room Setiawalk for some action. We chose, Up, the easiest room available since there were only 2 of us. In the end due to our hazy minds and numbingly slow senses, we failed to come out within the 45mins timeframe. Feeling dumb aside there are actually a few good things to say about this room:

1. I really appreciate a theme that has strayed from the usual themes of gore, horror and doom. Balloons, colourful balls, all the cheerful things pertaining to the Up! theme had been revitalizing to our senses. ¬†It actually has a nice backstory, although the staff neglected to story us… Escape Room staff stopped briefing and de-briefing us lately… which led to less than satisfying game experience since we have no idea about the start and ending of the story.

2. The puzzles are actually quite enjoyable in most parts of the game. We were allowed to complete the remaining puzzles while the staff was resetting the room. These puzzles are logical enough to proceed without much distractions. Clues are quite obvious and require minimal synthesis of information. Will be a good enough challenge for beginners.

3. We always lamented that in many real escape games, there are too many chests being placed around in a single room while there are no clue to indicate the sequence of locks to tackle first, leading to a lot of time wasted on trying a code on every chest we can lay our hands on. The sequence is actually indicated in this room.

4. Lots of props that are fun to play with!

My main gripe of the room:

Similar to one of our previous experiences with Escape Room (not only Setiawalk’s outlet), some props/tools crucial for solving a puzzle seem to be faulty, or not working as intended due to the poor quality. This led to a lot of time wasted trying to solve something even we already knew what to do. To make things worse this time, it didn’t help when the item looked nothing like the right item useful for the purpose. Eventually, we felt bored already. We cannot emphasize enough that sense of progress is one of the critical elements for an enjoyable escape game experience.

Overall, this will be an enjoyable room for first timers with not too stressful puzzles and a delightful theme, but I’m feeling a little underwhelmed by the end of it.

Great for first-timers!

This room is featured in our 2014 Best Escape Rooms for First Timers.

Update: Members of Escape Gamers Malaysia have reported that there were problems in the Up! room and hence unavailable for play. Hence, things may have changed in the room once reopened, and may not be reflected in this review.

Image was taken from Escape Room website, visit to find out more and play.

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