Review: Burn Out , Code Factory @ Jaya Shopping Centre and Now Everyone Can Escape!

Code Factory Jaya Shopping Centre Petaling Jaya Burn Out

We went to play Burn Out by Code Factory during their October promotions, in which we have to pay the base ticket price of RM18 per pax, and additional charges for any add-ons in the game:

Indeed, Code Factory has introduced another fun element into a game by having some innovative promo strategies. We joked that this is similar to the budget airline-style charges, and to quote Christal, Escman Leagues’ ally in a few games: “Now everyone can escape!” With this payment strategy, we have to think of time, hints and torch lights (!) as resources that we can buy, adding a fun twist to the gameplay. We get to talk over how many torch lights do we need, and whether was it worth it, and whether we can finish the puzzle if we add another five mins to the end of the game…  Or do we really need a hint there and then.. Very rarely do we get to discuss about resources in an escape gameplay, as torch light, hints and time are usually a given in a game. Yet, discussing time and hint during the game did take out the immersive in the experience from the game play. Hence, it will probably be more fun to have resource planning integrated into the theme or gameplay.

Back to Burn Out, one of the highly anticipated room, as we’re told that this room will be highly experiential by the Code Factory team. We like how Code Factory brand some of their games as Experiential games, indicating that experiences, and keen observations, becomes the priority of the game. In this game, we get the ambience of an apartment in fire, and we have to move quick before being engulfed in smoke and flames. We get to work through the dark apartment, move furnitures around, read maps, get trapped in a toilet, and solve puzzles left by the notorious serial killer Mr X. And indeed, keen observation is the key in solving most of the puzzles in Burn Out, and maybe also some artistic flair.

The last bit of Burn Out, will undoubtedly be the best part of the game, which requires some team work and lots of fun screaming. We stayed there long after we finished the game just to play that thing again and again. I’m not going to divulge more, but definitely go play it yourself. The large contraption hanging on the hall way in Code Factory’s outlet will give a hint on what you’re about to tackle.

In all, a fun experience for all of us. Do check out their monthly promos, there may be surprises.

Featured image taken from Code Factory’s website.

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