Review: Day and Night, Mission-Q @ SS15, also new outlet in Queensbay Mall!

Mission-Q Day and Night

SS15 outlet no longer in operation.

Mission-Q’s Day and Night is certainly the best split-team cooperative escape game we have played so far. Most of the split team games require you to solve puzzles within their own team to undo the lock for the other team. Day and Night bring it one notch higher by splitting the clues to both sides. So, both teams will need to combine the clues from each side and solve the puzzles for each other. Hence, you can only proceed in the game if both teams communicate really well with each other.

The other fun aspect will be the need of passing the locks, boxes and clues between 2 teams, play the game to know how its been done. This is no longer only about screaming the clues or solutions to the other team through the wall, which happens in so many other split-team escape games. You have to make use of the environment, the mirror, the chains. The mirror becomes one of the important communication tool between the teams. Only having lights at one side, any single time, also complicates the game further.

Again, being one of the earlier rooms by Mission-Q, we didn’t expect any story line to go with. The puzzles and mechanics stick to the theme of Day and Night. Decor is scant, but one doesn’t look for decor in Mission-Q games. Still, you get good quality setup in the room, nothing feels too flimsy, nothing looks too cheap. Get ready to be wowed by the game design, rather than the setup. This is a difficult room to play. Not easy for first timers. Bring along at least 3-4 mates. Calm minds and effective communication (not everyone screaming together) will definitely help. Seasoned escape players will definitely find Day and Night a fun and exciting challenge!

Have you heard of their new¬†outlet in Queensbay Mall, Penang? We heard that it’s going to be brand new games, stories, and of course surprises! Do check out if you’re ever up north over the CNY. We also heard that there may be angpaus!



Featured image taken from Mission-Q. Head there and play the game!

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