Review: Detective X, Break The Code @Penang

Break The Code Detective X
Break The Code Detective X

Rating: Number 3 after Mission-Q and Breakout. 
Mission Report: Failed. 3 codes short to the escape door.
Comrades: 6 (5 1st timers)
Handicap: 3 hints.

Gameplay: Solve puzzles to unlock numeric & alphabet locks. Clues and puzzles are similar to Escape Room@eCurve but less confusing as there are numbers to indicate which lock to solve first. Solving one lock will give clues to the next one.

Pros: What puts Break The Code above Escape Room@eCurve, the clue sticks to the theme. Somewhat. At least at the final bit which we didn’t get to. The theme is a murder mystery. Solve who’s the murder suspect to escape.

Cons: What puts Break The Code below Mission-Q & Breakout, there are no physical obstacles.

The “surprise” factor: Need to use one of the 5 senses which we don’t normally use in escape room games. There are also a couple of other gimmicks which I also didn’t get the chance to figure out.

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Image was taken from Break The Code’s website, visit to find out more and play.

Our MacGyver's apprentice. Inheriting Lara Croft's agility, she's the first to climb, jump and breaks into all traps and tunnels even when danger looms. However, she has problems remembering just like Dory the fish. Special Skills: Diffuse traps, break-ins, raid and search