Escape Room Seremban Prima Firefighter

This time we went down to Escape Room Serembran Prima to try out the first ever three-storey escape game in Malaysia, Firefighter: The Ultimate Challenge. Image of hot flames and tall ladders immediately came to mind when I saw the theme, which is also evident in the game poster. When we arrived at Seremban Prima, it was really quiet there, and Escape Room was nearly empty…. And this was during the CNY holiday week.

So, what’s in store for us? If you are afraid of heights, Firefighter will not send you to three floors above. Let’s just say it’s very smart use of space. Similar layout can be found in Lockdown’s The Undying Temple. Since the game spans multi-levels, do expect a fair amount of climbing and crawling. Also, you also get to “hose down some flames”. So, the fun factor is there. The room is dark, made sense as it is in most fire scenes. Just that it made searching for clues a little harder, and we are definitely not the kind that overturn the room when playing. The scene felt less authentic compared to other fire-themed rooms like Code Factory’s Burn Out. Code Factory is always spot on on creating immersiveness using the right props, like fogging the fire scene. This element is somewhat missing in Escape Room’s Firefighter. Ok, we agree that it maybe a safety issue for players.. but still….

Puzzles here are decent and relevant to the theme, mostly about matching things in the right patterns. No maths or crazy leap of logic required. Since, this is supposed to be a “test” for new firemen recruits, there won’t be much story or narratives. Just aim to ace the test and you’ll be free to go.

We lost at the last puzzle, on the right track but just missing a few more seconds. It was a decent experience for us, but nothing too exciting. If you haven’t played much, this will be a good option especially if you are around the area.


Image taken from Escape Room.

Firefighter: The Ultimate Challenge





  • Multi-level, lots of square footage
  • Thematic puzzles


  • Ambience lacking
  • Dark
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