Review: The Great Murder of Westwood, Breakout @ Avenue K


Had the chance to play another room at Breakout Avenue K,  The Great Murder of Westwood. The story is about us being detectives to find a serial killer that has already murdered 5 victims, and we’re supposed to meet with a reporter that have some information but were knocked out when we reach her apartment…

Having played two rooms from Breakout and didn’t get disappointed at all, I had high hopes when playing this room. And it didn’t. They have once again given me so much satisfaction that I couldn’t stop praising them.

There’s a lot to love about this room. From the authenticity of creating the ambiance and environment,  the balance between mental and physical puzzles, the cleverly designed puzzle that fits so nicely to the theme, to the subtle little details that made the whole story come alive.

It’s so thematic that in order to solve the puzzles, it helps to ask yourself:
“If I’m the serial killer, who is my next victim? where will it be? when do i strike next? why do i kill? “

Having played a few mediocre rooms recently which often leave a bad taste in my mouth, especially when we fail to get out and got stuck on the final few puzzles, very often we don’t care anymore, we just listened to the answer and get over with (and complaining along the way). However Breakout’s rooms by far is on a whole different level, I want to know why. I want to know how the story unfold. I want to know whether we would eventually catch the murderer.

We lost. But it didn’t matter. We had fun.
Some props didn’t work. But it didn’t matter. We had fun.

It’s the first time I went to an escape game without my usual group. It’s mix of another 3 newbies and me. It does get out of hand at times, as the roles wasn’t laid out up front. However, it’s OK, because we had fun and they’re hooked and would love to play another room.

I’m giving this a 5 murders out of 5 murders. Highly recommended!

I would also like to thank the Breakout crew, you all have been very enthusiastic.
A special thanks to Gavin, the very helpful Game Master.

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Image taken from Breakout’s website. Visit to find out more and go play their rooms!

Our solver who does nearly everything but is easily spooked by even the slightest scare. Always get pushed to play horror themed escape games. All logic puzzles (sudoku, minesweeper) goes to him, maths too, loves thematic rooms. Special Skills: Multitasking and confuses team with 3 layer deductions