Review: The Infinity, Breakout @ Avenue K

Breakout Infinity

So how about we do a theme that is our brand logo?

I wonder if this was what crossed the minds of the Breakout team when they conceptualize this room. The Breakout team shared that this was a very difficult room for them to design and realize, so kudos to their heroic efforts.

Anyway, The Infinity will be one of my favourite rooms (actually all Breakout rooms are favourites).  We are playing as some new recruits in a social experiment, having to pass a series of psychological and mental tests in our subconscious mind, under hypnosis. Very inception~

This is a teamwork game where we start from different rooms. The members of each team were handcuffed together. Then, we were blind-folded and lead across corridors with lots of turns, while the game master briefed us the story. Having a good story narrator as a game master will give a more immersive experience for a game. By the time we get through all the turns, I was feeling disoriented already, creating the mood for the game quite nicely.

Breakout Escape Game The Infinity
Pening-nye.. Image credit: Hynobeast.

Infinity is the theme of the game. Think endless looping mind-bending time-space. Like getting lost in a maze and you keep coming back to the same place, but it is different. The room decor is simple, but effective, with zero distractions.

As both teams have to move between the spaces separately but in tandem, communication is utmost important, so one team doesn’t get left behind. This lead to the other fun part where we get to talk about this game for two hours post-game, discussing what each team did/found in our respective space. We’ve basically reenacted the whole game on paper.

The only shortfall would be the puzzles are on the easy side, even for slow-mo gamers like us. At the end of the game, we want more of it. We were expecting more rooms and more tests. Yet, we accept Breakout’s reasoning to have some entry level puzzles to cater for the newly introduced players. Also, it seems possible having only one team cracking all the puzzles, while the other just playing along. For the more experienced, we would suggest you to try, if you haven’t, Day and Night by MissionQ for a game with greater integration of teamwork into the puzzles, which are also more challenging and more physical.

More nitpicking would be it’s really hard to communicate, we had to yell, yell and yell. Although we were given a gadget for communication, we were too dim to operate it (too high tech really). The space is also really small if you have more than 4 players.

In the end, we all passed. And we got out of limbo!

Overall, a fun room to play!


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Go to Breakout’s website and play the game!

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review-infinity-breakout-avenue-kInfinity at Breakout Avenue K has is setup to have the players to keep a close eyes to details, and it has a very special looping room layout, which confuses and challenge the escapees. Teamwork is definitely needed since everyone are bonded together nearly throughout the game. The nice twist at the end adds quite a good taste for completion. Despite the puzzles is slightly simple and there's not much space to move around, the room is highly recommended.