Review: Kidnapped, Lockdown KL @ Bukit Bintang


Kidnapped is the first game, an the easiest one we played from Lockdown KL in Lot 10, Bukit Bintang. Lockdown KL is a franchise from Lockdown Sg in Singapore. They have imported 4 games in total. However, to play their latest games you still have to head down south, and it will be worth your trip as their games are generally quite good.

Kidnapped is based on a real-life story, in which a person held hostage was hidden in the basement of the kidnapper. In the end, the person freed himself and escaped via a child’s playroom above the basement. Hence, don’t be surprised if you find it weird to move from a creepy basement to a colourful, cheery play room. Nevertheless, players would have been informed of the story either in the pre- or post- game briefing.

Puzzle-wise, true to the difficulty level intended, they are indeed on the simple side. Still, I recall another group didn’t manage to escape but they are first timers. So, first timers may still find it hard to break. Puzzles here are relatively low tech, using mostly locks and keys. If you have played many games with hi tech gadgets and complicated mechanics, this game will not impress you. That said, since it’s an easy game designed for beginners, it’s best to not have too many complicated gadget to overwhelm first timers. You won’t have to worry about too much physical requirements also, climbing and crawling is minimal here.

Since we come from the veteran camp, we do find the puzzles underwhelming. However, we do recommend this for beginners. Or if you are feeling nostalgic and wanting to go back to the real escape games from the good old days (which is like 2 years ago) in which games are not tainted with hi tech blinking gizmos yet. Just a simple decent game.

Featured image taken from Lockdown KL’s website.

Kidnapped, Lockdown KL





  • Simple puzzles
  • Based on real life story
  • Beginners


  • Low tech
  • Too simple for veterans
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