Review: Lost, Code Factory @ Jaya Shopping Centre

Lost Code Factory Escape Room

Continue from our previous review of Code Factory, “Lost” is the second room that we played in Code Factory. It is also highly recommended by other member in Escape Gamers Malaysia Facebook group.

To be honest, I¬†wasn’t really impressed by the theme “Lost” before we went in. The poster feels like some escape from the jungle or deserted island story, how exciting can a jungle or deserted island be for an escape game theme? So I went without much expectation, but the room eventually surprised me and far exceeded my expectation. And now, it’s not easy for me to write a review without giving away too much spoiler and the surprises.

First part into the room, there’s already some props that you don’t expect them to use the real thing in an indoor escape room, this makes us feel that the production team is really serious in doing whatever it takes to create a realistic experience in this room. I also like that there are some little written notes in every stage of the game that allow the player to step-by-step unfold a story and experience being a part of the story. As we progress in the game, the suspense level and story immersion keeps building up, and in the later stage of the room, the story turned into something that we totally didn’t expect from the beginning.

The props were very well made to match the story and atmosphere of the game, until at certain part of the game we were almost confuse whether we were playing a game or experiencing the reality.

The puzzles in this room are not too difficult or unreasonable, but some of it does require a little thinking out of the box.

This room is very suitable for larger teams that has more players because of the rich elements in the room. Usually in most escape room that has limited elements to play with, some player will be too free or bored when the other team members are focusing on solving a particular puzzle or breaking a lock. But that’s not the case in “Lost”, there’s always something to keep everyone busy, there are multiple puzzles or task that can be done simultaneously by different team member so that no one will be too free.

This is by far one of my favourite room simple because of the story immersion and realistic experience. I think people play escape room not just because they want to solve some puzzle, you can simple get tons of that from the internet for free. But people pay to go into an escape room to experience something that they don’t get to experience in reality, they want the trill and challenge, the feeling of finally being able to overcome the challenges and break out from the room. This is a very well designed room for that purpose.


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Image taken from Code Factory’s website.






  • Story immersion
  • Parallel puzzles
  • Aesthetics
  • Plot twist


  • Arbitary puzzles
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