Review: Murder in Chamber Investigation, Rush Hour @KL

Rush Hour 50 Setapak Escape Game Murder In Chamber Investigation

No longer in operation.

This time Joshua and I tried the Murder in Chamber Investigation, Rush Hour 50. I really like the poster artwork for the games, a little pulp fiction style. Although the comments of some members from our FB community, Escape Gamer’s Malaysia, didn’t really sound very encouraging, we decided to try it out anyway.

The back story of the Murder in Chamber Investigation, according to Rush Hour’s website:

Hermit is the young theft who acts like robin-hood; who punish or steal from the bad guy and help the poor. And he always come across some murder cases. Join him to find the murderer and grab the money from the bad guy. Today Chamber Murder is as below…

The room is too dark , have the electricity power back, I just notice the Inspector who handle THIS Murder CASE cuts the power…

Can you see three goals expected of this room?

1. …find the murderer and grab the money…

2. …have the electricity back… (We thought it was a joke.)

3. Of course, escape


Rush Hour 50 Setapak Escape Game

Upon entering the room, we find that the props/setup a little on the generic side. It is the usual murder investigation theme setup in an office/study room setting. No surprising mechanics. We can easily find this kind of theme in other places, like MissionBreak.

I was glad that the staff kindly reminded us to not mess up the sequence of some items on the shelf as the sequence is an important clue. Some game masters don’t do that, which can lead to frustrating results.

The puzzles are also not overly difficult, and straight forward in logic. There is a vague attempt in wanting the players to identify the murderer and victim (goal 1). However, the link between the story and puzzle is very weak. Yet, weak attempt is better than no attempt. There was nearly zero distraction, which is another plus point. The poster hints something of a corrupted cop, but no sign of him in the game, unless he is corrupted enough to just prevent you from switching on the lights (very amusing goal 2). We lost at the final puzzle, but Joshua solved it anyway 5 mins after the timer ran out. No cursing, no frustrations at the end of the game, which seems god-sent with the number of bad rooms in the market nowadays.

I wouldn’t complain about the Murder in Chamber Investigation very much, since it only costed us RM22.50 per pax for this game. If the charges are anymore, I would be very unhappy with the quality of the setup. In short, passable puzzles, generic setup, yet cheap enough to return to if the price is maintained.

All images taken from Rush Hour 50’s website. There’s no scrollbar on their website???!!!

Ps. I am still confused about their name, are they Rush Hour or Rush Hour 50?

Pss. I am starting to suspect that some operators in KL may have just imported mass-produced escape game concepts/ideas from China.



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