Review: Operation 174, Code Factory @ Jaya Shopping Centre

Code Factory Jaya Shopping Centre Petaling Jaya Escape Room Operation 174

We were honoured to be offered free game in conjunction with the grand opening of Code Factory, Jaya Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya. The first room that we played was “Operation 174”, which according to the management was still in beta testing stage.

After a brief introduction about the story line, we were separated into 2 teams and started the game from 2 different rooms.

The first stage was quite surprising to have some cool gadget for us to figure out and use it to communicate with the other team. Generally, the puzzles here were not too difficult but it really requires some team work.

After passing stage 1, We were stuck with some puzzle in the second room and our time limit ended before we got pass the second room. But since this was a beta test play, we were allowed to continue with stage 3, where there’s more cool gadget again. In the end, we managed to come out with super long extra time and a few more hints from the boss himself.

As a beta testing stage, there’s a few points that require improvement, like some of the puzzles lack sufficient clue to lead players in the right direction, and we also discovered some bugs in the mechanism of some game setup. The storyline that were told was barely relevant to the room setup and it also lacks good immersion. But overall, it was quite a pleasant experience as there’s some unusual mechanism and gadget compare to other escape rooms. I especially like the fact that there’s almost no unnecessary distraction in the room.

But don’t take our word for it, the room is now officially opened with a revised story line, and we believe that after our feedback to Code Factory’s game design team, they definitely have made improvement to the room. We recommend you to give this a try.

Code Factory offered usĀ another room to test play after that, “Lost”, one of my personal favourite now. Detailed review coming soon…

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Featured image from Code Factory, visit the website and play their rooms!

The Operation 174





  • Teamwork
  • Cool technology
  • No distractions


  • Arbitary puzzles
  • Lack of immersion
Our primary search/retrieve power, who has keen eyes for visual puzzles but ADHD-prone. He always believes that there must be a hidden clue yet to be found whenever there's an unsolvable puzzle. Hates irrelevant distraction in escape rooms. Has a favourite pet named Charsiu. Special Skills: Raid and search, 3D eyes