Review: Palace Haunted & Identity, Mission Break @ Mahkota Cheras

mission-break escape game

No longer in operation.

Rooms played : Palace Haunted, Identity at Mission Break, Mahkota Cheras

Palace Haunted

There’s a little surprise here as it is the first Chinese theme escape game that we’ve played. Clues are mostly in Chinese words, not recommended if you can’t read Chinese. The ambience and props are quite well resemble an old Chinese house, but as a horror theme game, I think the horror level could be higher. Basically the puzzles are not too difficult, we managed to come out using only 1 hint, but there’s a few of puzzles makes you goes, “how would someone in their right mind guessed this?”

Props & Set : 3/5
Difficulties : 3/5
Production quality : 3/5
Search amount : 2/5
Horror level : 2/5


Being a detective mystery fan, I have quite high expectation for a crime scene theme escape game. But if I could sum up this room in 2 words, they will be “Boredom” and “Frustration”. The setup of this room has huge amount of junk and distraction that’s unrelated to the puzzles at all. The puzzles are not too difficult, but for most of the game, searching a small piece of clue in an office which resembles an old newspaper collection centre actually made me feel like we are searching for MH370 in the Indian Ocean.

Props & Set : 3/5
Difficulties : 3/5
Production Quality : 3/5
Search amount : 6/5
Cursing level : 5/5

Image taken from┬áMission Break’s website.

Our primary search/retrieve power, who has keen eyes for visual puzzles but ADHD-prone. He always believes that there must be a hidden clue yet to be found whenever there's an unsolvable puzzle. Hates irrelevant distraction in escape rooms. Has a favourite pet named Charsiu. Special Skills: Raid and search, 3D eyes