Escape Room eCurve Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship, The Curse of the Adventure Galley, was one of the earlier rooms we played in Escape Room eCurve, when they were the first and only real escape game operator in Malaysia. The interesting gameplay mechanics, involving trap doors and switches, totally wowed us since this was our first encounter with such amazing props and set that are probably only seen on TV. Of course, trap doors and switches are the norm in escape games nowadays. But that was the early days of the escape game scene in Malaysia.

What I like most about this room are the puzzles themselves. Some of the puzzles were indeed difficult, but reasonable logic-wise. We took 2 attempts to escape successfully. Unlike the puzzles you may find in the recent offerings of Escape Room (frustration!), the puzzles in Pirate Ship are very thematic, actually staying true to the story of Capt’ William Kidd. Oh yes do we have to rummage through the bones of the martyred buccaneers, or dig through the pile of cursed Aztec gold for the elusive clues. And then there were the notes left by the Capt’ himself, storying the final days before the demise of his crew, hiding tiny hints to help future adventurers (us!) to find the gold and escape the wreckage. All these little touches which are relevant to the storyline added up to an immersive escape experience. I don’t remember being bothered by any distractions, or annoying illogical visual/maths puzzles, although I don’t think lightbulbs existed in the era of Capt’ Kidd. 🙂 🙂 Puzzles aside, there were also enough physical activities to keep our MacGuyver type player happy (guns, trap doors, chains).

How I missed the heavily story-based puzzles in the early games of Escape Room eCurve.

Awesomeness: 5/5
Puzzle difficulty: 5/5
Production quality: 5/5
Search amount: 3/5
Physical activity: 4/5

ps. Hello all bosses of Escape Room!

Image was taken from Escape Room’s website, visit to find out more and play.


Pirate Ship





  • Thematic puzzles
  • Interesting narratives
  • Physical tasks


  • None
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