Review: Taken, Escape Room @ Berjaya Times Square

Taken Escape Room Kuala Lumpur

Taken Escape Room at Berjaya Times Square, is certainly one of the most outrageously frustrating room we ever played. While they assigned the highest difficulty level to this game, we find that the puzzles are not that difficult on their own. Instead, the difficulty level seems to be correlated to the time and frustration for tedious clue-searching in the game. The clues were hidden in the most obscure places we ever encountered, with no logic or relevance to the theme whatsoever.

Having cheap props didn’t really help either. One of the keys we had wasn’t working, leaving us wondering if that is the right key, or we were missing something. Even the staff who came in had trouble making it work. No apologies. No compensating for our lost time. If their game masters were monitoring our game on cctv, it wouldn’t be hard for them to identify something was amiss, and should quickly jump to our assistance.

The events that happened, and the setup in Taken Escape Room, did not gel with the back story. We were entrusted to rescue the boss’s daughter, and one of us had to play boss. So, why was the boss handcuffed to a briefcase at the start of the game? Also, what is the relevance of the stone puzzle in the room? Just for some wow factor? It was cool nevertheless, especially if it is in some Jumanji/Indiana Jones/medieval dungeon theme, but in a modern hostage situation? So bizarre…. The kidnappers must enjoy building large stone contraptions as a hobby! The cheap plastic toy gun is also a joke.

In short, we paid 36 bucks each for Taken Escape Room that has cheap props, irrelevant puzzles, requires lots of pixel-hunting, and downright frustrating. Avoid. At all Cost.



Featured image taken from Escape Room Berjaya Time Square.

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Our lady boss who does nothing much really, but pondering at puzzles and ordering people around. Apparently her stars say she can't work, or she'll die. Instead of buying cincin, she jimat all her money to play escape games now. Hates maths, keeps time, loves games with engaging plot and narratives. Special Skills: Admiring the artwork, furnishing, puzzle setup and decor in game
review-taken-escape-room-berjaya-times-squareTaken from Escape Room might be the worst game from Escape Room. It offers no clever puzzles or immersive environment, but is filled by tedious searching (near pixel to pixel search) which has no fore-clue. Most of the puzzles are irrelevant to the theme too. And right from the get-go, players are given cheap props and will need to deal with more cheap props in the entire game. Avoid. At all cost.