Review: The Secret Lab, Escape Room @ Setiawalk Puchong

The Secret Lab Escape Room Setiawalk Puchong

Setiawalk outlet no longer in operation.

We went to play The Secret Lab after the trying out The Final Detention (we got a free attempt after being randomly selected as the winner in Escape Room’s tag and tell promo). Both were satisfying games with interesting technologies, but let’s focus on The Secret Lab in this review.

There were 5 of us in this, this time with a guest from HK. I’m glad that our guest friend here had a positive experience in this game, as it would be nice to know that foreigners would be impressed by Malaysian escape games. Escape tourism seems like a big thing now, as travellers would include visiting escape games as part of their itineraries (check out Breakout’s reviews in TripAdvisor). So, it’s good to know that we have really good escape games that may also serve as tourist attractions, bring in the foreign currencies yo…

Back to The Secret Lab… I was really surprised that there weren’t many tedious clue-finding and distractions in this game, as Escape Room’s games are notorious for it. The flow of the puzzles is seamless from one to the other, mostly of matching numbers, colours and symbols. Nothing to shout about, but also nothing too frustrating. Some of the puzzles may be familiar if you have attended their Halloween Escape Game event last year. Yet, it’s quite a nice puzzle worth keeping. The only glitch was when we couldn’t tell if a switch is part of the game or if it is a call-for-help button to alert the staff. Other wise, we had a pleasant time solving the puzzles. I would also say this will be a fun game for beginners.

Aesthetically, the “secret” part is not so secret after all as the “secret” passage to the lab is glaringly obvious, but still, it is a cool contrast of a cold, dark lab and a study room with a warm interior. The lab is indeed so dark that Joshua was afraid to enter. We get to play with plastic body parts, so go brush up your biology. And as usual, the secret lab is just a theme, I couldn’t remember any plot, but the puzzles are pretty much related to the theme.

I just learnt from Facebook that the Setia Walk Escape Room outlet is now permanently closed. But fret not, you can still catch The Secret Lab in their outlet in Seremban Prima.


Featured image taken from Escape Room’s website website.

The Secret Lab





  • Easy and logical puzzles
  • No tedious searches or red herrings
  • Creepy, if you like this kind of stuff..


  • Weak or negligible plot line
  • Not so secret after all
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